Matteo Vittori


Acquired in years of study and practice and used to help the company to pursue his mission.

OOP Principles

Apply the principles of Object Oriented Programming to write efficient, organized, and comprehensible code.

Secure code

Refactor, restructure, and clean code for maximum efficiency. Use a code style that is efficient (profiler) and easy to read.

Prototype new concepts

Know what to create to maximize a good user experience as much as possible.

Debugging basic code

Diagnose and fix common compilation bugs and bugs related to Unity’s Scripting API.


Know how to create a base structure for a multiplayer game and the use of APIs like Photon, SocketWeaver and Mirror.

Soft skills

Know how to teamwork, think creatively, time management, positive attitude, self control and problem solving.



This game was made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2021 with the theme "Joined Together". In the game, you impersonate a girl and she has to escape from the prison by controlling rats.

Suicide Madness

This game was made in 72 hours for the Wowie Jam 3 with the theme "failure is progress". In the game, you impersonate a guy that has to find every way possible to die (even the unthinkable ones).



scala40 screenshoot

Application development for Android and iOS with user connection management in the lobby through SocketWeaver SDK and creation of rummy game logic.

YouName's Adventure

PC game made for Gig for birthday purposes with multilanguage support, custom tags in dialogues, epic bossfight and user's avatar settable... and also a huge birthday cake at the and of the game. Showcase video.

Shadow Labyrinth

Game made for the 48h Lux Jam with the theme "Light and Shadow".

Defender Like

Playing around and try to reproduce Defender(1981) game, with "infinite" space simulation and procedural map generation, real-time map and stuff like that...


Chess project

scala40 screenshoot

Chess gameplay with automatic piece placement on the chessboard, management of the moves allowed and highlight where a piece can go on the chessboard, turn manager for each player and match reset if the king is eaten. Video [italian]

Early Access G4me

scala40 screenshoot

Game made to make fun about the Early Access of Steam when it was still free to publish games and the store was full of garbage games. Page link.

It's a trap!

scala40 screenshoot

The game was made when the oculus rift just came out and they wanted to advertise the product with this jam. Video

Platformer tutorial

scala40 screenshoot

Platformer project to teach how to make a game in Unity in my Youtube channel. Video [italian]


Pennaverde's skaz

scala40 screenshoot

The very first game I made, set in my hometown with his dialect language where you go through the life of the main character.




Unity Learn

Junior Programmer Pathway Junior Programmer Pathway



C#, database and web



C# and .NET environment





In addition to having a passion for programming, I am passionate about video games, especially first-person shooters. I love to take some time a day to exercise or meditate and I really like to try new experiences, for example, new dishes or discover new technologies. I'm passionate about the culture and food of Japan and I'm studying Japanese in my spare time.